Why is a hologram unique?
- hologram can not be copied thanks to its specific technology 
  used in the manufacture
- new technologies and safety elements are being constantly developed
- costs expended to create a duplicate are huge
- holograms are ranked among some of the best safety elements
What is the price of holograms?
There is no universal defined pricelist because each hologram is original.
The price depends on the quantity, type, complexity of the holograms,
usage of the safety elements and effects, etc. We will always set the price
of particular holograms no later than 24 hours from sending an enquiry.
Which colors of the metallic film may I choose from?
The most common color is silver. The selection of the color is merely up to you but you can also choose from colors such as gold, copper, bright blue, pink, bright green, dark green, black, red, transparent and others.
What is the color of the hologram?
The color of the hologram is derived from the color of the metal film.
Can my hologram have any shape?
Yes, we can produce any shape of holograms, according to your requirements.
Is it possible to produce a sample prior to the production of a hologram?
You will be sent a visualization of your design before the beginning of the production. In terms of economics it is not possible to make only a few pieces of the hologram as the costs of the production itself is too high and represent a significant part of the total contract price.

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